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If your Wolf double oven D030F/S started performing poorly or stopped working altogether, worry no more. Fixing an oven by yourself is easier than you think. What is an oven after all, an insulated box with a thermostat and some heating element? True that! This means that there is not much that can go wrong with your insulated box and the solution is as simple as indentifying which part has stopped performing thereby replacing it.

Power Failures

When your oven stops heating, the problem most likely is a burnt fuse or a burnt out counterpart. Like all ovens, your oven will have a clock. If your clock fails to perform it simply means that it is not getting the electricity it should receive otherwise. Once you have checked this, move to the circuit breaker box and try resetting the breaker and see if that makes a difference. If not, disconnect the power to your oven from the circuit breaker box before going any further.

Once you have ensured that there is nothing wrong with the circuit breaker box, the problem could still persist due to a burnt fuse. Every oven has its own set of fuses and so does the wolf double oven. Check the fuses carefully and replace a blown one with the same amperage that it is already fixed with.

Elemental Failures

In the above mentioned case, the problems analyzed occurred because the oven failed to get any electricity. If your oven is receiving power but is not heating up, then you must check the broiler elements and the oven. Begin with that part of the oven which is used most and has the probability to fail faster. Switch on the oven and check if the element is glowing up evenly in all places. Do the same with the broiler elements. If either of the two glow unevenly or you come across a part that is damaged or melted, then that will require a replacement.

Fix the new element exactly like the previous one came fixed with the oven. Also, install any brackets you had removed to change the damaged element. Then power up the oven and test if the replaced part is working properly.

Thermostat Failure

If the thermostat of Wolf double oven D030F/S has failed. It is better to consult a professional for fixing a problem like this. However, having a professional over means a huge expense. Therefore, before spending this kind of money, inspect the thermostat thoroughly. To do this, place a thermometer in the oven and set the temperature to 300, 400 and 500 degrees one after the other. If the oven’s thermostat results to be consistently off by 50 degrees with each increase, it needs to be replaced.