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About the organization:

Viking is the founder of professionalism in performing well in the field of home appliances in 1987, and culinary revolution had started. Thanks to customer demand and creativeness, the product line quickly grew into the proper Viking kitchen both indoor and outdoor. The standard of living and economic resources are being planned for the people by Viking and they are manufacturing it as per the demands of the customer. Viking is very professional in maintaining cordial business relationships with their stakeholders that is their shareholders, customers, vendors, suppliers, employees etc. and a collaboration need to be maintained keeping in view the designs and recipes and color contrast and fashion so that it looks pleasing for the viewer and the visitors. This organization is famous for its counter appliances, refrigerators, cooking products, cutlery, cookware, ventilations, outdoor, cleaning up of kitchen with ease, Commercial equipment and cooking academics etc. It is a privately held corporation which includes employees between 1001-5000, working together to achieve goals for the organization and fulfilling the demands of the customers. They are committed to creative and innovative product manufacturing. Their products are high in demand. The company believed that there is no existence of vast range of product, so they tried to focus on diversified items and showed innovativeness and uniqueness to the global region. It is leading in the appliances industry and the competitors are far behind. They have most of the market share of the aggregate demand of the consumers. They believed that the professional performance in the kitchen should be seen by their newly manufactured brands. In return incredible consumer response was received by the organization. Standardization as well as customization is the key focus in order to survive in the market and therefore their reputation in the market is amazing locally and globally.

About the product:

Viking Double electric wall oven (RVDOE330WH) is a brand, specially made for customers like you. Following are the characteristics of this model which makes a product unique:

  • The product capacity or oven volume is 4.3 cubic ft. which means extra large capacity of oven for you.
  • 4-Wire Ground, 50 Ampere connection of electricity is required for its application and working. Furthermore, the ground wires should be separately fused.
  • The overall depth is approximately 25.20 inches.
  • The overall width is approximately 29.777 inches.
  • The overall height is approximately 51.38 inches.
  • It also includes 2 high performing modes for the purpose of cooking and baking.
  • It also includes a Sabbath mode.
  • It is a brand which is certified by Star-K.
  • Self cleaning convention facility is provided in this oven.
  • Its renders better performance if we talk about broiling.
  • It also includes digital clock timer with digital display and tone to pre set the timing.
  • Perfect baking is ensured through meat probe, it must be placed in the upper oven.
  • It also includes control knobs which are durable.
  • Oven can be conveniently installed to cabinet.
  • This model also includes two speed system of convection.


3 years warranty is provided for this model by the manufacturer and life time limited if it is a stainless steel exterior. Hence the product seems to be reliable and therefore should be procured. For further information download manual of VIKING RVDOE330WH