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Oven/microwave combos are great to own, as they can save you time in the kitchen and they are available in many different models. With that said, you may be wondering what is the best oven combo with microwave? Below are three of the best ones, and you can decide which one of them is the best of the best.

#1The KitchenAid KEMS379B

This particular oven and microwave combo may be what you’re looking for, as the microwave oven features a drop-down door, a cavity that is stainless steel, as well as a steam container. As for the oven section, that features even-heat technology and a true-boil reflector, as well as halogen lights and two oven racks that are heavy-duty. These are just a few of the features, but as for the main pros of the product, some of the most noteworthy ones to point out is that it is easy to use, it should perform great for you and the overall design is quite good.

This model may have some noteworthy pros and benefits, and has great features, but there are three cons you should be aware of. One major con relates to preheating. If you are expecting this oven to preheat quickly, then think again, as it can take awhile for it to preheat. Also, you might not like the fact that the fans in the microwave runs even after cook-time. Even though this product is of high quality, the price could be an issue for some people, as you are looking at spending at least three-thousand dollars to obtain a brand new one, so be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want one.

Just remember the three cons are as followed:

  •  Can take quite a bit of time to preheat
  •  Fan runs after cook-time
  •  The Price

#2The Whirlpool WOC54EC7A

This wall oven/microwave is 27″, and it could very well be the best one on the market today. The steam clean option it has is good for those who want to clean their oven, but don’t really want to do it the traditional way. As for the capacity of the microwave, it is, which is good, and the hidden bake element and cooking system are good features too. The upper section includes a popcorn option and you can add a minute and the design has a control lockout feature.

However, if you are expecting this appliance to run very quietly, then you will likely be surprised to know that it actually makes a lot of noise, especially when it is compared to many other similar products. In other words, the sound level could be better. The overall design may be good and it may be an innovative product, but it may take you quite some time to get used to. Also, even though it has a steam clean option, you might find it difficult to clean, if you decide to clean it in a more traditional way.

The three cons summed up are as followed:

  •  The sound level
  •  Can take awhile to learn how to use
  •  May be difficult to clean

#3The Electrolux EW27MC65J

With wave-touch controls, plenty of cooking options and a sensor cooking, as well as high quality oven racks and 3.5 cubic feet of cooking space, it is easy to see why the Electrolux EW27MC65J is one of the best appliances on the market. Let’s not forget that the display is quite elegant and the oven racks are quite smooth, and remaining cooking time is calculated via the sensors. It is also quite affordable, so if you are looking for a basic oven/microwave that has quite a few features, then this may be the perfect one to buy.

One of the three cons that should be mentioned is how the microwave operates, as some people may think that it doesn’t operate as good as it should be operating. Also, the fan may operate louder than you want it to run. The timers also could have been better thought out.

The three cons that was discussed above include:

  •  The microwave may not work as good as you think or want
  •  Fan may run to loud
  •  The timers

Buy one of the above three appliances as soon as possible and find out for yourself what makes them so good.