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Kitchenaid KEBS207BSS 30” Double Wall Oven True Convection System stainless steel oven provides design and performance both that all the cooks crave for. The technology of Even heat makes sure that you get the outstanding broiling and baking. When the time comes to fit it into your kitchen, the design of this unit makes it the best. A glass touch unit has perfect left to right programming making it easy for both the ovens. It has some amazing features to offer to the users so that they make their cooking experience the best ever experience.

Easy Convection system

The convection conversion system allows you to try new recipes with ease and without any issue and worries. It takes the guesswork out of the convection cooking and makes sure that you get amazing results whenever you are try new recipes. This means that experimenting with different recipes is now easy with this unit.

Even Heat functions for both ovens

This even heat function helps get rid of the cold spots to make sure that there is even baking in the whole oven that includes racks and walls being heated at the perfect temperature.  This makes the baking the best because the even temperature makes it crisp and fresh like anything.

Even Heat Convection oven

This function provides constant even cooking and heating on all the racks with a bow tie convection fan and design that makes sure that there are no undercooked centers and burnt edges.

Temperature Probe

The temperature Probe helps you measure the internal temperature  of the poultry, meat and casseroles without the need of opening of the door of the upper oven.  You will not need to open the oven again and again to check the temperature of the food inside it. This function maintains the best temperature inside to make sure that the food is being cooked at the temperature perfect for it.

Satin Glide rack

This feature allows you the function of easy loading and also an easy to grip handle that gives the confidence when you are cooking with heavy and large dishes.


The capacity of the entire unit is 5 cubic feet that is reasonably good to cook large dishes with ease.  You can easily cook the largest of the roasts and turkeys. It also helps you make more than one dish together. The dishes are cooked in the best possible and there are not flaws in the taste and the quality of the food.

Amazing display

The control lock feature with glass touch display has a easy to use and a responsive interface that is even very easy to clean and maintain. The design elements in the Kitchenaid KEBS207BSS enable you to customize the wall installation of the oven to the height of the cabinet you have in the kitchen.