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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt another oven would have been a blessing? Is your single oven as energy efficient as it promises to be? Do you wish to have a double oven range that takes up the same space as a single oven? Find answers to all your questions with ICBDO30-2U/S E-Series Double Oven 762mm Wide which gives you extra work space and double efficiency to help you cook better. Here’s how this oven can make your life easier:

The Bigger The Better

When you love to host huge gatherings and massive family dinners, a double oven gives you the opportunity to double the speed of your cooking. It also helps you cook the quality and quantity of food you want. For instance, think about Thanksgiving, when cooking a turkey is a must. With such a huge pan taking up most of your oven space, there is not really much place to cook smaller dishes such as a casserole or baked potatoes. In situations like these, a double oven will understand your situation best.

Customized Cooking

With there being a single oven in your kitchen, you can either bake or grill at a time. However, a double oven range lets you have your food your way. Broil, steam, roast or bake, you can prepare the recipes just as you want them and in whichever mode you like. Furthermore, with one oven you will have to keep a close watch on temperatures when cooking two dishes at a time. A double oven solves this problem. Using which you can cook two dishes in two separate ovens and once the temperature is set you will not need to check on them every few minutes.

Time Saver

The ICBDO30-2U/S E-Series Double Oven 762mm Wide is definitely a time saver. When you need to finish a couple of dishes in time, nothing helps you better than a double oven range. When it’s finally time for the annual family dinner, your dishes will be picture perfect and ready to go on the table. When all the cooking is done on time, you will not have to go through the hassle of reheating the dishes which usually makes them dry and less tasteful.

Additional Features

Besides filling up your table with good food, there is a lot more that a double has to offer. The oven is not only a useful addition to your kitchen but is a modern kitchen appliance with better features. Double oven ranges are equipped with top class technology which includes heat redistributing sensors, one touch controls and more. By bringing a double oven range to your kitchen, you actually bring a bunch of technologies that will help your cooking in numerous ways.