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Electrolux is leading appliance company worldwide. The company is a part in the daily millions of peoples and families all around the world. Every year, around 40 million consumers in 150 countries and more select their products like cookers, ovens, freezers, fridges and many more. The Electrolux EI27EW45J 27″ Electric Double Wall Oven provides best features to the users solve all their cooking problems. It provides the following features:

  • Luxury oven rack: The oven rack has a ball bearing system and it makes it smooth to extend effortlessly.
  • Perfect convection: The conventional technology has features a convection element for perfect even results that results up to 30% faster in baking and cooking times.
  • Capacity: The ovens have a space of 3.5 cubic feet and that is sufficient for a large meal. The ovens also have around 3 baking racks that are adjustable.
  • There are around 7 cooking functions in the unit with 6 options.

However, with any appliance comes a user manual that helps the user solve certain problems. With this double oven, you get a user manual that helps you solve certain problems.

Baking problems

There are certain baking problems that take place and the user manual helps you identify the cause and help you solve the problem.  One basic baking problem can be the cookies and biscuits burning at the bottom. The solution for that is to let the oven preheat in the desired temperature before you place the food inside it. Also, select the pan sizes that will allow around 5.1 cm and 10 cm of air space on all the sides when inside the unit.

Another baking problem can be the cake being too dark on the topside or the bottom. The solution according to the manual is let the oven preheat at the desired temperature and make use of a proper rack position for all the baking needs. Set the temperature of the unit to 12 degrees Celsius lower than the recommended temperature.

One more baking problem that occurs is the foods not getting done when the cooking time is over. The solution for this problem according to the manual is to set the temperature of the unit 12 degree Celsius below the suggested temperature. Make sure that you have removed all the pans from the oven apart from the ones that need to be used for baking.

Other common problems

Other common problems can be:

  • Oven control displaying an error code: the solution to this problem is to push the cancel pad to stop and clear the display from beeping. Then reprogram the unit and it will be solved.
  • Oven light not working properly: the solution to this problem is to follow the instructions given under the light of the unit to either tighten it or replace it.

For Further Guide about Electrolux EI27EW45J See the manual.