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GE PT956SRSS built in Convection Oven is a great double oven by GE and has great features to serve the people. This double oven with convection oven is a great asset for your household.  If you have it in your kitchen, your cooking will be a great experience and you will love cooking like anything.

There are two ovens in this series by GE. The upper oven is convection oven and the lower one is a traditional oven. The cooking system of the double oven is European convection and with the added precise air convection in the upper oven.  The upper oven is of 4.4 cubic feet and the lower oven is of the same size as well.

This double oven has a self-cleaning function that enables both the ovens to clean themselves once the cooking is done. The ovens make use of the temperature and convert the grease in the powder form. You just have to clean the ash with a cloth. This self-cleaning function helps you save a lot of time. There is also a delay mode in self-cleaning function as well. This means that you can set a time and the oven will start cleaning at that time.

The doors of both the ovens are locked automatically when the self-cleaning process is going on. The cooking modes of this double oven are convection bake mode, convection roast and thermal bake and roast mode. With these three modes, you can have the best taste in your food. The control type of the oven is glass touch. The oven features include broil element that is 6-Pass, bake element that is 8-pass, and broiling with doors closed.

The upper oven has 3 racks and they have self cleaning ability. The lower oven has one rack and it has self cleaning ability. There is one roller rack in the lower and that has self cleaning ability. There are seven positions for racks in both the ovens.

The control features of this oven are also amazing.  There is a preheat signal given by the oven and that is audible as well. The upper oven offers auto recipe changes.  The Sabbath mode of the oven is certified.  With delay bake system, you can bake things whenever you want to and without any issue. There is also a timer and an electronic clock that tells you the exact time. The upper oven also offers other modes like Proof mode and warm mode.

The interior of the oven has a hidden bake element and two lights. The lights help you see the food properly through the windows while the food is being cooked.

GE PT956SRSS built in Convection Oven is another stylish appliance by GE that gives your kitchen a stylish look. The material is stainless steel that gives an elegant finish to the kitchen.  The best thing is that this oven does not take much energy as well and you can save energy.