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GE is amongst the leading appliance company all around the world and has been making great household appliances since quiet a long time. The company offers solutions for industrial, commercial and residential use in 100 countries and beyond and makes the best use of the innovative technologies. The gas ranges by GE are meet all the cooking needs you have from catering one dish to as many dishes as you want. The new GE Cafe™ Series 30″  Gas Double Oven with Convection Range by this company is made to be the best kitchen companion and solve all your problems with just a blink of an eye.  It is a 30” freestanding range that has 5 burners, tri Ring burner and simmer burner.

Amazing capacity

This double oven gas range features the best thing and that is the size of the unit. it has a total size of 6.7 cubic feet that is perfect for large meals and cooking more than one dish at the same time.  The upper oven has a capacity of 2.4 cubic feet and the lower oven has the capacity of 4.3 cubic feet. The upper oven can be used to make a substitute dish or a starter while the lower one can be used to make the main course. It gets ideal for large parties and gathering where you have more than one dish to make at the same time. The large capacity makes it possible for you.

Gas convection feature

This unit features the gas convection feature that revolves air in the entire unit making sure better roasting and baking results. You will get amazed with the baking results because the heat circulates evenly inside the unit making sure that the thing is baked properly without losing its taste. Baking was never this easy but now it is.

Tri-ring Burner

The boiling is accelerated with the 3 in one burner and the simmering also gets accelerated. You can easily boil anything without waiting much because the tri burner makes it easy to boil everything in just few minutes. The fire is lit up perfectly and the heat is also circulated properly.

Self Clean function

The self cleaning function of this unit makes it easy for you as it easily cleans the cavity of the oven without you scrubbing it. This means that now you just have to push a button and the oven will clean itself and you will save on great time and effort.

Non-Stick Griddle

The non stick griddle makes is perfect for bacon, pancakes, sandwiches and much more and is easy and convenient to clean without putting much effort.Manual of  GE CGS990SETSS can help you to understand its usage.