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Frigidaire offers a range of appliances that are efficient as well as user-friendly. A perfect example is the  Gallery series where the products that fall under this category make a bold statement with their sleek appearances and uniquely chrome accents. From the expansive online assortment by this company is the  Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range which can be installed easily because of the presence of a convenient control panel at its back. The model name is FGEF306TMF and is easily available on online stores for home appliances. So, you can cook delicious meals on this oven that uses electricity as a fuel and at the same time offers many features that give the users a well-liked cooking experience in their kitchens.


The Frigidaire FGEF306TMF has a main oven capacity of approximately 7 cu ft which is divided into two symmetrical 3.5 cu ft ovens. The dimensions consist of a width of 30 inches and a depth of approximately 28 inches. The height of the  is 49 inches and it weight is around 260 Lbs. The upper oven has two racks and so does the lower one. This double oven range can fit more than one dishes and hence allows cooking a variety of food simultaneously. The feature of SpaceWise expandable elements is an advantage because it offers flexible area for cooking through a 6 inches, 9inches and 12 inches heating element choice.

The users have appreciated the product’s stainless steel color with black side panels and the stainless steel handles. Also, the surface is made of black porcelain giving it a luxurious look. Also, the windows of both ovens are large which give a good view of the condition of the food being cooked inside without having to open the oven door itself. The oven light can be turned on for a clearer view of the interior to be observed from the window.

Furthermore, this electric oven has many other features. The controls and timing system are very user-friendly and precise with their one-touch technology. Using these controls, you can set the cook duration for both ovens and alter the lockout. In addition, the Self-Clean function can be activated by pressing one button. It eliminates the requirement of cleaning the oven for you by scrubbing it automatically.

The Keep-Warm button keeps food warm and prevents scorching.  Also, the True Convection Technology, quick pre-heat and quick boil are remarkable features that help cook food nicely and produce flavorful results. Additionally, the cook-top has 5 burners which provide 100-3000 Watts of power which is sufficient to meet cooking needs. So, all oven features are excellent and add to the value.


The only drawback of this oven is the fuel which is electricity. You cannot cook when there is an power outage which makes it an unfeasible option for many locations.

In a nutshell, consumer reviews show a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars for this appliance.