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Electrolux 30″EW30EW65GS Wall Double Oven With Wave Touch

Electrolux is one of the leading brands in home appliances. Their appliances are made with innovation and help you make your house the way you want. Many households have used Electrolux appliances for 70 years and more. Electrolux appliances have unique design and features that make this brand successful. A successful invention by this brand is the Electrolux 30″ EW30EW65GS wall double oven with wave touch.  This wall double oven is a best fit for your kitchen and lifestyle because of the outstanding features it has.

The upper oven is 4.2 cubic feet and the lower oven is of the same size. The lower oven has a Sure-2-Fit capacity that makes it easy to use. There are around 6 oven racks that are Luxury-Glide and have 7-position suppleness to allow great cooking space for more dishes. This enables you to cook multiple dishes at one time.


Electrolux Wall oven

The oven has a convection system that is called Perfect Covect3. This system has broil element of 4000W and a bake element of 2200W. This convection system circulates heat and air in equal amount to preserve the natural moisture of the food and to give the best taste.  There are Wave touch controls that allow operating the oven easily.

There is a Turkey button as well that enables the person to prepare a delicious turkey with just touching a button. There is Sabbath mode in the oven that manages the temperature of the oven for an extended period. There is a self-cleaning function in the oven that does the cleaning for you in an easy way. It eliminates the need for you to scrub.  The interior of the oven is luxurious and lets you keep a check on the cooking status without opening the oven.

There are 7 cooking modes and around 10 options for cooking. This makes your cooking experience easy and convenient. The preheating process of the oven is also very fast and quick. There is a delay bake option that allows you start cooking according to your schedule. It allows you to start baking when you want it to start.  There are additional features of this oven as well. The first one is Porcelain Broiler which allows you to broil easily and the second is a high bottom trim.  You get a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year as well with the purchase of this oven. The oven is with the range of $3000 to $4000 and is worth putting money in to.

Therefore, if you are opting to buy a double wall oven, and have a considerable budget with you, then Electrolux 30″ EW30EW65GS double wall oven is a great option to consider.

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