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Double ovens inclusive of a gas range is the future. Gone are the days when you need to have two options with a stove; now you can have a gas stove including a gas oven attachment, and an electric stove with an electric oven included. This modern day convenience comes with plenty of options and a whole slew of terms and metrics for consideration for choosing the best double oven with gas range. This buying guide will help you decide which of the three top available options are ideal for your specific needs and requirements in the kitchen.

First, you need to know what type of applications that will most likely be used for these items. Would it be used for baking? Would you need double wall/double range types? Different varieties include multiple stove top and other combinations depending on specific needs. Dual-fuel ranges allow for the benefit of a gas stove and the temperature control of the electric oven. Finally, consider the budget you have in order for you to maximize the usage and warranty of the item in question. Here are the three top choices for your reference.

#1LG LDG3035ST

LG offers the “EasyClean”- a features that allows you to clean this model within a few minutes. This free standing oven and gas range utilizes innovative enamel technology, the system works in only 3 steps: spray the interior with water, press “EasyClean”, and wipe any residues after 20 minutes. This system eliminates the need for chemicals used to clean the oven. A large capacity, 6.1 cubic feet gas double oven allows for greater flexibility, allowing you to cook two meals at once. Five high performance sealed burners provide a cooking power ranging from 5,000 BTU’s to 17,000 BTU’s with the patented “Superboil”. Their “Intuitouch” display makes for a convenient, user-friendly way to operate the burners and the ovens, cook top burners on the left side, and oven functions on the right. With an SRP of $1,599.00, the only few cons are its learning curve for usage, installation hurdles and taking too long to cook pancakes. This is definitely a must have for cooking great meals at home for that family occasion you can’t miss. Warranty remains attarctive for 1 year limited to parts and services under normal usage of this product.


This 5-burner features a 6.8 cubic feet total capacity, a reversible cast-iron griddle and grill that provides two great ways to cook food, and a self-cleaning heavy-duty roller pack that allows for easy access of items via a smooth gliding rack. It’s stainless steel, deep-recessed cook top contains spills for easier cleaning methods. A precise simmer burner prevents burning of delicate foods using even and low heat. Comparing it with similar 5-burner ranges, the large oval burner at the center may be utilized with large pans and pots, making it more desirable in this regard. The glass touch controls are relatively easy to operate without consulting the manual, and control lock capabilities lets you wipe off panels without any accidents in turning on the ovens. A 19,000 BTU tri-ring burner offers greater flexibility of all its burners. Parts and labor warranty are covered for 1 year, and for a price of $2,153.00, you might want to consider your current budget before purchasing this range. You might want to consider buying something less pricey for similar features. Problems encountered include difficulty lowering the oven temperature when turned on. The lack of a temperature probe warrants thinking twice on this product as well. To compensate, they have Convection Roast, which allows roasting whole meat cuts on a single rack.


This model has been consistently ranked in the top slide-in range for some years now, and for good measure. Delivering top-notch performance with cooking, this range allows you to cook like a professional chef. A precise simmer burner can cook chocolate, prepare sauces and soups without scorching these items. A 6.7 cubic feet capacity double also has a self-cleaning function utilizing the concentrated heat in cleaning the oven cavity without having to do any scrubbing. The range lockout feature prevents gas burners from accidental switching, and the oven can handle more than 20 pounds of food into it. Coupled with 3 and 5 year warranties covering labor and parts, and a price of $2,400.00, its cons are easy to overlook as its versatility tops all other choices in this range.

  Kitchenaid Whirlpool LG GE Maytag
Dimensions (inches)(HXWXD) 47.12 x 29.9 x 28.50 47.12 x 29.90 x 27.25 35.90 x 29.90 x 26.40 47.25 x 29.25 x 30 47.12 x 29.90 x 28
Capacity 6.0 cu. ft. 6.0 cu. ft. 6.1 cu. ft. 6.8 cu. ft 6.0 Cu. Ft.
Size 30″*          
Energy Source Gas*          
Self Clean
Ratings/5 4.00 4.6 4.6 4.7 4.6
Burners 5 4 5 5 5
Price $1,889.10 $1,235.47 $1,239.99 $1,297.98 $1,327.99

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