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The merging of Subzero and Wolf into a common brand for the production of appliances has proved to be great. Subzero was well known for its vast range and innovative designs and Wolf was a leader for supplying professional cooking equipments in hotels and restaurants. Together these brands are not compromising on quality and the user demands. Kitchen design is perfected by their products of exceptional quality and performance for cooking. The Wolf E-series has been well liked by many for their first class quality. This E Series includes the Subzero Wolf Built in double oven which has received highly positive reviews from the majority of its users because the design is meticulous with the two top brands working together and the quality and performance of this double oven are totally worth the price.

This contemporary style model is fully detailed inside and outside. It is perfect for a kitchen with interior cabinet volume and use of appliances. The overall capacity of each of the two ovens in this double oven model is 4.5 cu ft which provides sufficient space for cooking for a larger family. The dimensions consist of a depth of 23.75 inches and a width of about 29 inches. Side by side, the height is approximately 50 inches and the overall, appearance of the appliance is sleek with a weight of 466 Lbs. The color finish of the whole oven is stainless steel and it is also available to be purchased in black color. There are two different door styles offered as well; framed and unframed. The black glass model of this appliance is available only with the unframed door. The balanced door hinges facilitate the smooth movement of the oven door. Along with this, the tubular handle is very user-friendly and complements the classic and elegant appearance. The built in design of the oven not only makes the installation very convenient and the after the oven installed inside the kitchen cabinetry, it definitely gives an integrated look. The window at the oven’s front is large and allows a good view of what is being cooked inside. Hence, the user reviews for this Subzero Wolf oven are remarkable.

Moreover, the interior of the oven is made of porcelain and of cobalt blue color. There are removable rack guides and three racks with the bottom one with full extension capability. The heating method being employed is convection of the air which ensures uniform heating and the food is evenly cooked. All users appreciate the presence of as many as ten cooking modes in the two ovens. These include the thermal bake, broil and roast. Along with these, the convection bake, convection roast and the convection broil make cooking flawlessly a simpler task. Besides, proofing and the pure convection modes, one can also use the features of bake stone and dehydrate with the appropriate accessories acquired. Both ovens offer the convection cooking and the dual convection logic control system facilitates the adjustments of the temperatures in both compartments.

In addition to the above, this double oven has dual halogen lights inside for illumination of contents. There is also the self cleaning feature for easy maintenance and touch controls with an LCD display. All time, delays and temperature settings are easy to make through the interface. Therefore, the reviews of this appliance are largely positive and the Subzero Wolf product is a reliable one.

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