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Whirlpool does not need an introduction in the industry of home appliances. The brand has made its name by providing items that are both efficient and user-friendly. Their assortment of kitchen products is astonishing with remarkable appearances as well as first class designs. Amongst these kitchen appliances is the Whirlpool® 4.3 cu. ft. double wall oven which makes a bold statement from its quality and performance.  The features of this model are not only distinct but also high performance and it is one of those products by Whirlpool that will add to your kitchen experience. This one is a combination of a microwave and an oven so it acts as a two-in-one multipurpose item and assists in cooking to a large extent.

The Whirlpool combination, that uses electricity as the fuel, comprises of a microwave with a 1.4 cu ft and an oven that has a capacity of 4.3 cu ft which is ample for cooking space. In fact it is one of those models in the market that have the maximum cooking capacity offered to help the user even with the largest cooking tasks. You can conveniently cook meals for a family gathering or even a bake sale when you have the wall oven from Whirlpool. The dimensions include a width of 27 inches and a depth of about 26 inches. Along with a height of about 43 inches and a weight of 212 Lbs, the appearance of the item is sleek and it will complement the look of one’s kitchen cabinet. The FIT system is a popular one in Whirlpool’s household appliances. The one with this combo ensures that the wall oven will easily fit into a cabinet cutout that is already made. Also, the leveling legs that are adjustable and the trim options, one can simply replace any oven with this one without having to move cabinets or modifying cutouts. Side by side, the window of the oven is extra large from EasyView which in currently the largest oven window available in the home appliances’ market. It is an impressive feature because it helps in monitoring the cooking and observing the constituents of the oven without having to open it at all. So, the overall look is appealing and the large and sleek design adds a modern touch to the kitchen, saves time and energy of the user and it also keeps the oven interior temperature steady.

In addition, the upper oven features include popcorn cooking and ability to add a minute. The lower one has a standard thermal cooking ability where thermal bake, broil and delayed cooking are enabled. It also has a latent baking element in it. The racks in both  the ovens let the user cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Moreover, the self cleaning feature of the oven allows easier maintenance. Besides the quality of a control lockout, it is certified for the Sabbath mode too. With the presence of the AccuBake Temperature Management system consistent results in cooking can be accomplished every time because the system sensors the temperature of the interior while you bake a dish and records it. The next time, it will provide the exact same conditions for the perfect results.

Last but not the least, the SteamCleam option gives the chance for cleaning where spills can be cleaned up by using a cup of water. No need for cleaners or harsh chemicals is required. If this is done periodically, the oven is well-maintained.For Further detail about the model visit Manual of Whirlpool.


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