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Benefits Of A Double Oven.

Double ovens are the best option for homeowners who feel like they are constantly in the kitchen, or for those who spend a lot of time trying to sort out the logistics of cooking a big meal. These paired ovens replace the single oven in your kitchen, and can sometimes fit into the same space.

No matter if you are cooking for just yourself and your family or if there are weekly dinner parties at your home, having two ovens can help you cook more efficiently. If you have ever prepared for a holiday feast, you’ve probably dealt with the oven being tied up for hours thanks to a cooking turkey or ham. Those cupcakes everyone loves need to be baked so they can cool and be frosted, and there is bread to toast for the bruschetta appetizer. With two ovens, you could brown the toast and bake the cupcakes while the meat cooked in the other oven.

Double the Efficiency

Double Kitchen Range

Double oven Chrome

From the time the first double oven hit the market in the 1980s, they were primarily marketed to people who spent a lot of time entertaining. The appliance is great for cooking complete, multi-course meals because it allowed the cook to make two completely different dishes at the same time without worrying that they needed different cooking temperatures. Soon, however, those who rarely cooked for large groups began seeing the ”benefit of the ovens.

These ovens are also great for families. For those with children who are picky eaters, this can also be a huge benefit. You can cook one meal in the main oven while you use the top oven to prepare a smaller serving for the picky eater.

Anyone who has ever hosted a holiday dinner or a dinner party knows the logistics it takes to prepare the meal so that everything is ready at the right time. With only one oven, the first baked dish is cooled off by the time the second broiled dish is finished in the oven. Having two ovens offers a way to handle this issue without losing your sanity. Even if you use the bottom oven for both dishes, you can keep the first warm in the top oven while the second dish is under the broiler.

Not Double the Price
For years, only the newest, most extravagant kitchens had double ovens. They were viewed by many as something that would certainly be out of their price range, so they never even looked into pricing them. In the early days, they were much more expensive than standard ovens.

Today, the cost is most likely less than you may think. Depending on the brand and features, buying a double can cost as little as $350 to $500 more than a traditional oven. This means you are getting twice the oven for only a few hundred dollars more. Comparing prices and weighing the benefits of having two instead of just one shows that these appliances are actually very affordable.

In addition, it is much cheaper to run one of the smaller ovens than to run a large single, traditional oven. The electric or gas bill for two ovens is typically cheaper than with just one oven, because in most cases you will not be using both ovens all the time. This is especially true if you have a smaller top oven and only use it when preparing some single-dish meals.

Reclaim Your Counter Space
There are many features that can be included in double ranges. These can be used to replace some of your existing small appliances. This will unclutter your counter and make your kitchen feel more organized. Toaster ovens are one example of an available features. The top oven in a double range will often come with a toasting setting, and work similarly to a high-end toaster oven. You can toast bread, melt the cheese in your quesadilla or even warm a slice of leftover pizza in your oven with little hassle.

This means you can throw out that toaster or toaster oven on your counter. Other possible features include microwaves and convection ovens. And since a double range is as little as 3 inches bigger than a standard oven, there is very little cabinet space lost as well.

No doubt, the most obvious benefit of a double oven range over a traditional single oven is that you can bake, broil and grill at the same time with a double oven. Having two ovens also saves time and money. This is especially true when cooking a holiday feast or for a dinner party, but it is also true when you are in a rush to get dinner on the table for your family each night.

Brands such as Viking, Samsung, Wolf, LG, GE and Electrolux make both electric and gas double ranges. There are many double oven reviews online to help you determine if this appliance is right for you, and to help you make your decision on which oven setup you prefer.